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Boupie Character Reference by RGBAguy
Boupie Character Reference
This should give some insight about Boupie's character in general and having a reference ready could come in handy when working on the story for my upcoming Boupieverse game project which is still under development in the technical side of things. Her birthday is a reference to the day I uploaded my first ever drawing of Boupie all the way back in 2012 in case you didn't notice that.

Since her universe has yet to be developed, its not 100% final at the moment so this reference is subject to change later down the line whenever necessary. Most of the time I spent working on this was the character description with some help from AgentBlackBlood (thanks!).

Boupie and this drawing is owned and done by me.
Boupie Sprites by RGBAguy
Boupie Sprites
There's are essentially some test sprites I've put together for that Boupieverse game project that I'm slowly working on... The first one on the left is the first one I've drawn and actually used in a prototype but it felt that it looked a bit too bulky so I made the second one which is smaller and more chibi'ish than the first as well as having black outlines which closely reflects to my general art style. The last 2 sprites line-less versions of the second sprite with the second one being cel-shaded.

Which of these sprites do you think looks the cutest or is most suitable for an RPG game?

Boupie and this piece of pixel-art is owned and done by me.
Done with Assembly Coding by RGBAguy
Done with Assembly Coding
Just a picture of my other development computer I use mainly for putting together functions written in low-level MIPS assembly code (a.k.a. raw computer code) for my upcoming Boupieverse game since its equipped with a rare DTL-H2000 development board set ( as it has full CPU debugging capabilities which makes programming in assembly much easier to do. I've won the boards from a competition held in last year thanks to that Marilyn fan-game I made at the time.

It took me about a good chunk of this week putting together a function in assembly as shown on the debugger window that renders a tile map of 16x16 pixel tiles at high speed for both my Boupieverse game and future PlayStation game projects that might need a 2D tilemap renderer... The small monitor on top of my development computer displays the result of a test map rendered by the assembly routine I've put together.

I'd thought of sharing this to well, show off my sheer geekiness and above-average programming skills plus some of you may find it interesting or something to glance at... Now that I'm done with working on this assembly routine shown in this picture, I'll most likely going to start working on pixel art for my upcoming Boupieverse game.
Teaching Mellalu by RGBAguy
Teaching Mellalu
Its been so long since I've last made fan-art of Lumdrop's Chlorofields series probably because my motivation to making more was killed off for a moment after learning that its not really going to get me anything in return. Or more than likely I just ended up doing other non-art things for a bit and focused on my own or other people's characters in the past month or two for a change.

But anyway, here's a pretty adorable looking drawing of Lamelotl teaching Mellalu how to... well... computer. Mel seems to be a bit overwhelmed by what is being taught to her by Lamelotl at first but she still enjoys her moment with him despite it giving her a headache in the end... I actually had this cross-over idea in mind about a month or two ago but I didn't really feel motivated enough to actually draw it until about a week ago just for the heck of it and that I still like Chlorofields at heart though this'll probably be my last piece of fan-art of it from here on out.

Mellalu is owned by the great :iconlumdrop:.
Lamelotl and this drawing is owned and done by me.

Oh, and :iconblargen69:'s Manta Ray Plushie as a cute little nod to his Astronautical series... Lamelotl might have stolen it from him, who knows?
Man its been like forever since the last time I made a journal but we're not here to talk about that... Instead, it'll be something about an upcoming game project that is FINALLY related to my not-so-original series of mine called Boupieverse and as the title suggests, it'll have Boupie and her friends (and foes) in it of course! Though I kind of fear that the project may probably just flop hard because well, most of the non-existent Boupieverse fan-base probably aren't gamers to begin with and may result in the project falling into cancellation like what happened to my failed (but impressive) Marilyn fan-game project I made about 2 years ago in which the Marilyn fan-base pretty much neglected the project altogether a month before it got canned. Hopefully, I'll try to follow AgentBlackBlood's very helpful advice (through private chat) about some personal psychological stuff so a cancellation will most likely never happen especially when my own characters are in it.

Despite the cancellation of Marilyn however, it was a very good programming exercise (especially when learning the C programming language) for me at developing games for the PlayStation to say the least so much so that I ended up winning some rare development hardware at a competition thanks to it.

So what platform will this Boupieverse game be developed for? Most of you would probably think that it'll be developed for PC like what most indie games are usually developed for but well, the target platform that I'll be making the game for would be one of the consoles I played during my childhood: the PlayStation, especially when I want to try to impress the pretty small PlayStation homebrew community by making a full-fledged game for it which is a huge rarity in the scene. Hopefully the game will be playable on PC (Windows users at least) via emulation until the game reaches final completion which is where I'll begin making native ports of the game for the Nintendo Wii and PC (Windows) respectively.

The game project is still in its conceptual stages and I haven't even made a working prototype of the game yet as I've just recently started working on the development tools that I'm going to need to make the game. However, the biggest blockade I'm having with the project currently is what game genre should it be? Should I make it as an action platformer like Marilyn? Or should I make it as an action or turn-based RPG game like Paper Mario (I loved The Thousand Year Door btw)? I think I'm probably going to end up with an RPG style game when this project slowly develops into a playable prototype as I'm planning to make it a story driven game and implementing a party system (like when Boupie goes around battling with her friends) is easiest to achieve in such a genre. I'm not 100% exactly sure though as I'll probably end up mixing genres together in an attempt to form a fairly unique gameplay experience in the end (action turn-based RPG probably). Who knows?

Well, that's it for what I can give out about this Boupieverse game project for now... Expect some pixel-art to be uploaded eventually (which I haven't made for ages) and I'm not sure if anyone who's reading this are anticipating about this project... Have a nice day folks!


Jobert "Lameguy" Villamor
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm just a brony guy with many talents... From digital art, game programming and electronic fiddle-abouts. I'm more into simplicity when it comes to art for how easy it is to handle and it appeals to me the most.

I don't really talk much as I'm kind of shy and socially awkward for the most part. If you want, you can try encouraging me to talk more.

-- You can also find me in the following as well --

Youtube (I usually upload demo videos of game projects, some LPs and other stuff):

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5301 - 1753 - 6452

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