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Serious Boupie by RGBAguy
Serious Boupie
I don't draw very frequently as I've been mostly doing programming stuff these days but when I feel like drawing something, I'd sometimes try out something new to see how well it'll turn out and this is one of them. Honestly, I'm liking how this turned out a lot especially the neon wire-frame grid reminiscent of vintage computer graphics (which I'm a big fan of) as well as the glow effects on her blades and such... This is probably the most awesome looking Boupie drawing I've made so far and it shows that I'm at least getting better at art albeit slowly.

But anyway, since Boupie is one of Princess Alia's selected 'Protectors' whose purpose is to help protect people on the overworld from attacks by mysterious shadow creatures which have been running rampant in recent years, she has this 'Serious Mode' where she unleashes all her full magical potential allowing her to materialize blades out of light as well as making her many times faster and stronger in general. She mostly does this when things are in dire need such as when shadow creatures start attacking people or to impress her friends in certain occasions but she doesn't do the latter too often as she mostly reserves it specifically for emergency situations.

Most of the magical energy when she unleashes her full magical potential is not hers actually. Instead, it is 'shared' straight from Princess Alia through a heart-shaped pendant Boupie wears all the time (which explains why its glowing) and was given to her from Princess Alia. However, the pendant is not tied to its original wearer so if someone else wears it for himself/herself, it will grant them a lot of magical energy they can use for whatever purpose but it only works with people who are capable of handling magic but if a person who isn't capable of magic wears it, unpredictable things may happen to its wearer in a negative way so Boupie had to be extremely careful with the pendant so it won't fall onto wrong hands.

Boupie and this drawing is owned and done by me.
Ammi and the Catapuss by RGBAguy
Ammi and the Catapuss
I haven't been putting out drawings for a long while as I've been mostly doing programming stuff lately and occasionally trying to improve my art skills a bit by drawing a few rule 34s which I obviously can't post here. However, this drawing has been sitting in my computer for a long while now so I decided to post it anyway since it looks pretty cute.

I made this drawing last month for a collab video I did with a fellow Youtuber where we both read a fanfic I wrote involving these two characters and well, you probably don't want to know what these two did when listening to that read (if a cat with tentacle tales isn't enough of a hint) so I'm probably not going to link to it here as I don't really want to get in trouble if it makes people think of me in a bad way but listening through it is pretty funny due to the way how we interact in the video.
Birthday Pic for Lumdrop and AgentBlackBlood by RGBAguy
Birthday Pic for Lumdrop and AgentBlackBlood
This is supposed to be a follow-up of Random Birthday Gift for Lumdrop but much more elaborate and random featuring more characters including that of AgentBlackBlood since her birthdate is the same as Lumdrop's which is the 29th of May. I was going to post this in time on their birthday but this drawing turned out to be too elaborate to finish in a short amount of time so I had to delay it.

This drawing didn't really turn out the way I initially wanted it to be but its close enough... I still have yet to add Lumdrop's Lolo and Super as well as my Boupie and Lizzie characters in the final version of this drawing as well as adding a bunch of not-so-detailed details and all that bells and whistles.

EDIT: Finally completed! Well, kind of... I'm pretty much burnt out from drawing after doing this.

Holly, Mellalu, Manolin and Super is owned by the great :iconlumdrop:
Barb, Odette and Doodle is owned by the wildly creative :iconagentblackblood:
Boupie, Lizzie and this drawing is owned and done by me.
Marilyn and Meibi by RGBAguy
Marilyn and Meibi
Despite my Marilyn: In The Magic World fan-game turning out to be a flop in the Marilyn fan community, I still like the concept of Marilyn being in a simple fantasy world with a fairy companion named Meibi who helps Marilyn in her quest to save her friend Emma who got captured by some evil witch, wizard or something when they accidentally teleported themselves into an alternate world. I might do a revival of this fan-game project but I highly doubt it since well, most people on dA apparently just don't like video games I guess.

I might stop developing fan-games in the future since they're probably not appreciated as much as fan-art I believe.

Marilyn is owned by the very Tim Burton inspired :iconnerdsman567:
Meibi and this drawing is owned and done by me.
Well, I finally got my hands on a New 3DS XL to play the current stuff a lot of people are into such as Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS and whatnot... Too bad my R4 flashcart I use to run DS homebrew doesn't work on it though but its not really much of a letdown for me since I mainly focus on doing homebrew for the original PlayStation and the Wii and I don't see the need to learn how to program for yet another platform and that is the Nintendo DS.

Untitled by RGBAguy

This is actually a belated birthday gift from my older sister and her husband who lives in New Zealand though she didn't really send these things to me from there since well, Nintendo systems are still region locked which means a European 3DS will pretty much be useless in a place full of US region games as they're locked to US region systems only. Instead, she sent the required budget needed to get my hands on these to one of my parents and we'll just buy the system in where I live so technically, its still a gift from her.

If anyone wants to add me to your 3DS friends list either to battle against each other in Smash Bros. (though I'm afraid of the latency issues that I might run into) or just for fun, note or comment me your Friend Code. For my code, you can find it in my Deviant ID.


Jobert "Lameguy" Villamor
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm just a brony guy with many talents... From digital art, game programming and electronic fiddle-abouts. I'm more into simplicity when it comes to art for how easy it is to handle and it appeals to me the most.

I don't really talk much as I'm kind of shy and socially awkward for the most part. If you want, you can try encouraging me to talk more.

-- You can also find me in the following sites --

Youtube (I usually upload demo videos of game projects, some LPs and other stuff):

3DS Friend Code (comment yours down below when adding me):
5301 - 1753 - 6452

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What would Lizzie be like as a teen?
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I haven't really been thinking much about my characters lately but I'd imagine she would look a bit like Teenage Marilyn when Lizzie grows older.
SapsDrow Featured By Owner May 21, 2015  Student Digital Artist
thanks for the fav :D
RGBAguy Featured By Owner May 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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