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A Bunch of Sprites by RGBAguy
A Bunch of Sprites
Just a bunch of my favorite characters from various artists I follow drawn in the style I came up with for my upcoming Boupieverse game project as an exercise... I could have included more characters but I think this is adequate for this submission and I may draw another one of these in the future.

Characters' names and owners from top-left to bottom-right:
:iconrgbaguy: (me)
Princess Squish
Manta Ray Girl
Manta Ray Girl in uniform
:iconflamingjets: and :iconjazzyjulie:
Cat Pikette
2015 Art Summary by RGBAguy
2015 Art Summary
I mostly feature drawings of my own characters in summaries like these but there's the occasional fan-art in months where I didn't get to draw my own characters. June is blank because I didn't upload anything at the time probably because I ended up drawing experimental rule 34 art of one of Lumdrop's characters (which he's totally fine about by the way) and the occasional 'Dayspring' character at the time to... well... 'up' my art skill a bit.

Kinda sucks that I forgot to do a summary like this for 2014 for comparison. But you can probably sort of tell that my art style started improving in March and onward with the variable-width strokes, simple cel-shading (which I've been doing this since sometime in 2013 but I stopped for some reason) and cleaner vector work on the designs which looked much better than the stuff I made back in 2014 (though you'll be the judge on that). My upload rate might have slowed down compared to last year I believe because I tend to spend most of my time programming these days, even more so with the Boupieverse RPG game project I'm working on.

Links to full images:

2015 Art Summary Template by DustBunnyHunter.
Marilyn (in the May image) is owned by :iconnerdsman567:.
Mellalu (in the October image) is owned by :iconlumdrop:.
Zack and Amy (in the December image) is owned by :icondrawingfreak77:
Boupie, Lizzie, Lamelotl, Anna, Meibi, Princess Alia and all drawings featured in this summary are owned and drawn by me.

Also, have a Happy New Year to all who viewed this deviation!
And I wish you all fellow watchers and friends a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Even though mine didn't go as well as I hoped it to be especially when I got a bit embittered by a bunch of technical problems (such as internet issues) and finding out that no one bothered participating on the art feature journal I made which I shortly cancelled... All negativity aside, I had a pretty good time celebrating Christmas in where I live last night.

Summarizing this year which is now coming to a close in a week, I notice that I'm getting watchers more frequently than in previous years. Is it a sign that my art is slowly getting better at art? Maybe but I don't think that's the case. For one thing, my 'mascot' character that is Boupie has got a major design overhaul which made her a much better character and my art style has sort of 'leveled-up' with the variable-width strokes and such. I still have yet to work on the other characters such as Lizzie and others especially Mono, I think I haven't drawn her at all this year!

Overall, this year turned out pretty great. Got a bunch of new stuff such as a Nintendo 3DS and a DTL-H2000 development board set. I also learned a bunch of new things, mostly programming related and the like.

I'll probably make an art summary thing shortly and maybe a simple drawing of Boupie and Lizzie doing a Christmas carol for this season... Anyway, I hope you all had a great time with your friends and family.
Zack and Amy by RGBAguy
Zack and Amy
I was originally going to make this as a birthday gift for drawingfreak77 but I was not able to finish it in time due to distractions and stuff... But well, here it is in all its finished glory as a belated birthday gift for her.

I don't know why but I just love to pair Zack with the Zack obsessed yet absolutely adoable Amy for some reason... Its just that they seem to go really well together in my opinion and that I like to imagine Amy's story would have her realize at some point that her obsessive affection towards Zack scares other people away and is the reason why she doesn't have friends so she then turns her obsessive affection towards her favorite person into something like a proper relationship to make herself a better overall person.

I don't really know much about these characters other than a brief description about them so consider this as some kind of a fan interpretation of drawingfreak77's characters since she hasn't made any in-depth information about her characters so far (and I notice the story concept for these characters changed once or twice since I first started watching her).

Zack and Amy is owned by the freakishly stylish :icondrawingfreak77:
This drawing was made by me.

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