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I'm thinking of making the Boupieverse game to have an 'episodic' model, as in, on every update of the game it'll have a new episode to play through as well as gameplay tweaks and new areas to explore, kinda like the webcomic model where new pages are drawn on a daily basis. This should sort-of solve the issue of the game taking longer to complete and so that you guys can play it while I continue working on adding more content.

I could do comics as a sideline while working on lore and test plots to exercise character development... For now, I'm working on some Boupieverse lore in text form for reference and such.

Or I'll just do comics for now...


In case you guys haven't known yet, I've been working on a video game project based around my Boupieverse series as of late. Not much progress has been made so far other than technical developments of the game and some lore being written and refined.

Do you guys think that realising my Boupieverse series as a video game instead of a webcomic is a good idea? Or should I make it into a webcomic especially since most people here seem to not be very interested in video games from what I can tell.

Leave your thoughts in the comments...
Pastel Boupie (sort of) by RGBAguy
Pastel Boupie (sort of)
Made this as a warm-up and a style test of sorts which means this isn't going to be the canonical art style for this series... It kinda reminds me of those super simplistic Flash animations that promote products and stuff or cartoon shows that have a very small budget but that's just me.

I really need to draw more Boupieverse stuff but I haven't been feeling very positive about it as of late... I'm also in the process of writing some lore of the series with the help of agentblackblood.

Boupie and this drawing is owned and done by me.
Boupie's Bedroom by RGBAguy
Boupie's Bedroom
Just some pixel-art of Boupie's bedroom for my Boupieverse game project... This is when Boupie stayed in Princess Alia's palace as part of a prologue story when Boupie is about to graduate from her training and before she met Lizzie.

I tried to make her bedroom look as detailed as possible while keeping it 16x16 tile map compliant and I think I've done a pretty good job at it. This piece is actually a screenshot taken from the game running on the original PlayStation.

Boupie and this pixel-art is owned and done by me.
Boupieverse Title Logo by RGBAguy
Boupieverse Title Logo
Title logo for my Boupieverse series... I decided to put it up since it looks pretty interesting and its been sitting in my computer for awhile as I was originally going to use this as part of a mock-up drawing of some sort.

I originally planned to use the Boupieverse title as a placeholder name for my series but I got stuck with it overtime. It also kinda sums up the general premise of my series pretty accurately as it revolves around Boupie and the universe she lives in.
3D Manta Ray Girl Model PSX Style by RGBAguy
3D Manta Ray Girl Model PSX Style
Not sure if cute or terrifying... At least I tried I guess.

This is my first successful attempt at bringing one of BLARGEN69's characters into the world of 3 dimensional graphics... Well, PlayStation 1 3D graphics to be specific which explains the model consisting of only 589 triangle strips which took me an entire afternoon to model and texture map.

The texture mapping on this model is far beyond what a real PSX can handle and the reason for this is that I find it much easier to paint the texture at a high resolution which will be down-scaled to a much lower resolution that the PSX can handle once I prepare this model for rendering on an actual PSX with an experimental cel-shaded rendering trick I figured out how to do on such an old console... I will definitely post the rendering result as a follow-up of this soon.

I tried to replicate the eyes from blargen69's art of them but the mirrored texture mapping made her look like she's got a mischievous trick she's plotting or something.

Manta Ray Girl design by :iconblargen69:.
This model was created and textured by me.

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At least thank you for taking the jeans and pop-style shirt as an alternate outfit for Lizzie! It's the best I can do.
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If you really did ever wanted to redesign Lizzie, what things would you change in her?
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Don't forget to put my Lizzie redesign idea in your favorites for reference.
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