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Simply Sharon by RGBAguy
Simply Sharon
Just a simple little piece of fan-art of one of BLARGEN69's characters as a test to see how well my first attempt at adapting his artstyle will turn out and as a birthday gift from a newfangled fan of his Astronautical series... Its probably not as good as most of the other gifts and fan-art of his characters that I've seen so far but well, at least I tried and the main point of fan-art is to show fan appreciation, not to show off who draws the best.

I could have drawn a Manta Ray Girl cosplaying as those Squid Kids from Splatoon but I decided to just draw Sharon instead, I'll probably do the former soon.

To those who don't know what Astronautical is, its a space themed web-comic created by BLARGEN69 with dozens of original species based on sea mammals and has a lot of interesting lore behind it. If that interests you in any way, go give it a check! You'll not be disappointed... unless it turns out that it does not catch your interest.

Sharon is owned by the astronomically awesome :iconblargen69: (Happy Birthday! :cake:)
This piece of fan-art was done by me. 
Seducing Bianca by RGBAguy
Seducing Bianca
Princess Alia is not exactly your typical princess character in the Boupieverse. She may seem like one at first glance but if you take into account that she's been a single woman for several centuries (as goddesses like her are not allowed to get married) and her body pretty much not aging as she is an immortal demigoddess, you'd probably expect something pretty dirty coming out from her with those things considered and this picture is pretty much that.

Yeah, she has the tendency to go all out horny due to the hormones she built up in the past several centuries because to her fixated age being somewhere around where a typical adult woman would usually become sexually active and is one of her biggest weaknesses which she sometimes has difficulty dealing with. To prevent herself from getting carried away by her sexual urges, she uses various spells, potions and other such things to help block out those urges. Most of the time, it works effectively but there's a chance that her urges would slip through so she'll have to resort to a way of relieving it usually by locking herself in her bedroom and... does 'you-know-what' to help relieve at least a good chunk of her urges so she can continue doing her usual routine as a princess and she even devised a special princess protocol around her palace when such an event occurs while she's at work.

However, she sometimes likes to mingle with some of her people who are interested in getting on with her to 'enhance' her experience, mostly ladies for some reason though she only makes out if her friend is perfectly okay with it so she's not exactly like that infamous Princess Molestia thing. To prevent herself from getting in trouble with political nonsense, Alia passed a special rule specifically for herself where she's allowed to make out with anyone who is consent of doing it so long as it does not involve her getting married.

Here, Princess Alia is trying to seduce Bianca thinking that she would do great for her next 'you-know-what' session if she's perfectly okay with it... Bianca (who somehow got into the Boupieverse) however, seems to be enjoying the unexpected acquaintance with the princess.


Yep, this is pretty much (shameless) fan-service of MissButterfly11's Bianca character in a nutshell. Its just that I find the character to be very attractive looking that I simply cannot resist doing something suggestive to her and I thought this would be a pretty interesting way of revealing one of Princess Alia's biggest weaknesses albeit looking a tad bit suggestive... Fortunately, MissButterly is perfectly okay with this and she's turning 18 soon anyway.

I might do these crossover fan-arts more often as I find them really fun to draw from time to time...

Bianca is owned by the dazzling :iconmissbutterfly11:.
Princess Alia and this drawing is owned and done by me.
Setting Skies by RGBAguy
Setting Skies
I've went all out on this line-less vector drawing of Princess Alia standing by her balcony as the sun sets over the horizon... I really love how well this turned out especially the colors even though it looks a tad bit incorrect in places. Still, this is one of those really neat looking drawings I put out from time to time.

Princess Alia and this drawing is owned and done by me.
Malign'ed Boupie by RGBAguy
Malign'ed Boupie
I really, really love how this vector clean-up of a sketch by MalignGenius (as seen here turned out! She somehow made her look mature which is great since this looks perfect for Boupie when she gets older (which is not cannon to the Boupieverse by the way but its nice to have a reference). The variable-width strokes on this also turned out great as I've noticed that its much easier to apply such strokes on a rough sketch than doing it completely digitally and I might get back to doing sketches again to achieve similar looking strokes when cleaning up sketches digitally.

Please ignore the tentacle that's creeping up her leg...

Boupie and this vector clean-up is owned and done by me... Base sketch was done by :iconmaligngenius: (thanks so much for the sketch though).


Jobert "Lameguy" Villamor
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm just a brony guy with many talents... From digital art, game programming and electronic fiddle-abouts. I'm more into simplicity when it comes to art for how easy it is to handle and it appeals to me the most.

I don't really talk much as I'm kind of shy and socially awkward for the most part. If you want, you can try encouraging me to talk more.

-- You can also find me in the following as well --

Youtube (I usually upload demo videos of game projects, some LPs and other stuff):

3DS Friend Code (note yours when adding me):
5301 - 1753 - 6452

Note me for my Skype handle so I'll know who sent a contact request.

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