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Boupie Revamped by RGBAguy
Boupie Revamped
Well, I finally managed to gather up enough ideas for this character and I also did a full-on redesign of it which looks very different from her last design but it helps make her look more original since her previous design was based off of a show that she was inspired from (the Sheep in the Big City pilot). I've also played around with some skirt and ribbon physics as well so I could try it out.

In this new and revamped version of Boupie (she isn't little anymore, consider that she has pretty much grown up a bit), she's now an Alian demigoddess which you can tell from her winglike earlobes which distinguishes Alians from regular humans in the Boupieverse. Unlike a full fledged god or goddess like Princess Alia, they would age like regular humans and is possible for them to die as well but they have the same magical capabilities as that of a god or goddess but it won't be as powerful as that of a god or goddess (roughly 1/4).

Because Princess Alia notices some unusual but dangerous anomalies on the surface involving dark magics, often happening in cities. She would send down several of her citizens who have been trained for battling or protecting people from such anomalies while generally living on the surface as a means to help protect her people on the surface, one of them is Boupie who is assigned to watch over an elementary school, the same school where Lizzie is enrolled on.

As for her personality, she has a very bouncy attitude and tends to become a bit happy-go-lucky when not in her 'serious mode' or when she's feeling happy in general. She's also a loving and caring person who is willing to help out anyone who is going through really dark times which she can detect with her magical abilities, one of them was Lizzie whom she helped her out after experiencing all that humiliation and failure she had in her performance that went badly in the last magic & science fair. Thanks to that, they have become great friends ever since.

Well, that's enough for what I can blurt out about her for now... I'm gonna talk more about her personality including her 'serious mode' when I make another drawing of her soon. I think this is definitely a huge improvement over her previous design as well as personality.

Boupie and this drawing is owned and done by me.
It has been so long since the last time I've made an original tune mostly because I was turned down from it after what happened to me last year... Now that I'm pretty much over with that, I'm finally getting into it once again and I've managed to make this neat little tune as well (I call them tunes since my music doesn't have any lyrics).

Like what the title suggests, it has some sort of mysterious vibe to it especially with all the echo'y pseudo surround going on and I think it'll do great for a cave level of an Action RPG game. Also, this is sort of a fan-tune I've made for Lumdrop's Chlorofields web-series and is also the first of its kind which explains why I've included one of his art in the video but I've properly credited him in the video's description.

To me, I think this is a pretty big improvement compared to my previous tunes... Additional details about the tune itself can be found in the SoundCloud upload of this which you can find a link to in the video's description as well as download links.
Jenna 'The Game Master' Sprite by RGBAguy
Jenna 'The Game Master' Sprite
This is mainly a test to see how far my pixel art skills have improved when it comes to drawing character sprites and as a follow-up to the Jenna sprites I made awhile back... I'm quite surprised that it turned out pretty damn cool and I feel proud about it. The reason of her having a buster cannon like what Megaman had is because Xunlimted told me that the type of game that suits her best would be something similar to the Megaman games or Cave Story.

Jenna "The Game Master" is owned by :iconxunlimited:
This lovely piece of pixel art was drawn by me.
I've recently found this old, unreleased piece of animation I made back in December of 2012 that had been staying with me ever since and I have decided to release it as it looked pretty interesting. Its a fan-made bumper sequence of Cartoon Network's old 'Checkerboard' branding from the 90s (I wonder if any of you still remember that) featuring various characters by MissButlerArt (which I doubt you can find most of them in her gallery anymore the last time I checked), 2 tiles featuring my Lil' Boupie character (in her very old design) and 2 are from my old fan-arts of Sheep from Sheep in the Big City and Brandy from Brandy and Mr. Whiskers... I've also run the finished render through a VHS prior to uploading to make it look like a legit old-school 90s TV recording (oh the wonders of having a capture card though the process was a bit of a pain).

This clip pretty much shows how much I used to love MissButlerArt's work until I screwed up big and lost her for good... Nowadays, this clip pretty much acts as an interesting way of advertising her work and I highly advise you to give her a watch if you haven't yet regardless (it was mostly my stupid fault anyway and I was a lot stupider back then).

Considering that this was my first attempt at animating stuff with Director in a long while (last time I played around with it was back in 2008 and they were a lot worse than this), I think it turned out pretty well and it tries to look close to the original 90s checkerboard sequence.
Holly Test by RGBAguy
Holly Test
Well, this didn't really came out the way I wanted it to be but at least I've tried to mimic Lumdrop's artstyle as close as I can only to end up looking like a mix of both of our styles and that this is my first time drawing one of Lumdrop's other characters besides Mellalu. I've also tried out a new style of drawing hands which are slightly more realistic than my usual style and I really like how it turned out.

Holly Heatherfield belongs to the great :iconlumdrop:... If you don't know him yet, I highly encourage you to give him a watch.
This drawing is done by me.


Jobert "Lameguy" Villamor
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I'm just a brony guy with many talents... From digital art, game programming and electronic fiddle-abouts. I'm more into simplicity when it comes to art for how easy it is to handle and it appeals to me the most.

I don't really talk much as I'm kind of shy and socially awkward for the most part. If you want, you can try encouraging me to talk more.

-- You can also find me in the following sites --

Youtube (I usually upload demo videos of game projects, some LPs and other stuff):

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